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Our regular, daily Segway tours accommodate up to 8 guests. Those can be booked online anytime from our website. Please view our Tours page to view Segway tour descriptions and our real-time calendar. If your group size is larger (14-40 people), we can create a custom tour schedule to accommodate your team (in separate, private tours departing at different times). Please contact us with specifics using our Group Tour form.  

Additionally, we offer specially designed tours that are ideal for team building or large groups that want to stay in one group.

Large groups (up to 80 people) will love the team spirit of our engaging Scavenger Hunts! Our professionally led hunts, which take place on foot, will check all the boxes you’re seeking in a fun and challenging team outing.

Looking for a great orientation to downtown Raleigh for your corporate clients, family reunion or wedding guests, or visiting executives? Our popular themed walking tours will introduce them to our amazing local history and landmarks, as well as little-known fun facts about our city!

If a team-building Segway adventure is more to your liking, our signature Segway treasure hunts (up to 9 guests) offer a unique and exciting way to travel through downtown Raleigh while also providing a team experience solving riddles and clues.

Please fill out the Group Tour form at the bottom of this page to inquire about booking our specialty tours, or if you have any other group-related questions, or want to request a custom day or time for any of our activities.

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Segway Treasure Hunt

The experience starts off with Triangle Glides’ knowledgeable staff teaching you how to ride a Segway. Green, energy-efficient Segways are self-balancing and easy to learn. Our expert guides lead two teams through Raleigh’s historic downtown neighborhoods. The teams travel on different routes, traveling from point-to-point on Segways, and solving clues and hunting on foot for treasure caches. Each team will see each other along the way to add to the fun, competitive spirit of the event. In the end, both teams interact by combining clues and solving a word puzzle to find the final location.

Contact to Book

Rate: $120 per person

Duration: 3 hours

(For group sizes of 6 to 9 people)

City Cemetery

Untold Tales Raleigh Walking Tour

Scandal, murder, ghost tales and Civil War history are featured in our new walking tour that covers approximately two and a half miles of easy walking in downtown Raleigh while your expert guide tells the little known, but true tales of our historic Capital City. Don’t miss the fun and the surprising historical highlights that will astonish you!

Highlights of the walking tour:

• Learn the gruesome fate of the namesake of our city.
• Crime and Punishment: Barbaric 18th- and 19th-century public brandings and hangings, and punishment at the dreaded pillory.

Contact to Book

Rate: $20 per person

Duration: 2 hours

(For group sizes of at least 4 people)

Smartphone Photography Tour

Smartphone Photography Walking Tour

Skillfully capture beautiful shots while learning photo tips from a pro during our Smartphone Photography Walking Tour. Turn your mobile device into an essential tool for creating compelling images during this “walking workshop”. The activity focuses primarily on photography, but you will also learn some historical details of the Raleigh landmarks you’ll take pictures of along the approximate one mile route.

Highlights of the walking tour:

• Learn how to shoot with a steady hand, photo composition basics, use varying angles for effect, understand depth of field, apps, and more, while utilizing your own smartphone camera or tablet.
• Hear fascinating history snippets of old Raleigh while walking to the various points of interest.
• North Carolina State Capitol landmarks are featured on the walking route.

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Rate: $20 per person

Duration: 2 hours

(For group sizes of at least 4 people)

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