Great American Eclipse Trikke Experience


2.5 Hours | $75


Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for viewing the Great American Solar Eclipse! Don’t just view it… EXPERIENCE it in the most memorable way… on our electric Trikke tour.

Highlights of the Great American Eclipse Trikke Experience:
• Ride through the unique midday twilight of an almost-complete (94%) solar eclipse!
• Travel by electric Trikke to two prime viewing locations in downtown Raleigh
• We’ll be in an unobscured viewing location at the moment of the maximum eclipse
• On the way we’ll talk about Raleigh history as well as facts about this once-in-a-lifetime event
• You’ll receive your own pair of NASA-approved Made-in-the-USA eclipse viewing glasses (yours to keep!) The glasses are CE and ISO-certified for direct sun viewing (CE EN ISO 12312-2:2015)

The Trikke LEV (“Tr-EYE-k” Light Electric Vehicle) is the most user-friendly electric personal mobility device available today. Its 3-wheel cambering (leaning) design corners superbly and is incredibly maneuverable, offering an active, sporty and fun riding experience, and unrivaled stability and safety. With steering that’s just like a bike’s and intuitive handlebar controls for braking and throttle, most riders are cruising comfortably within minutes.

Minimum rider age is 14 years old. Those who are 14-17 must be accompanied by a responsible adult on tour and their liability waiver signed by a parent or guardian. All riders must weigh no more than 260 pounds, be in good health, and be able to steer and use handbrakes like a bicycle. For safety reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to participate. The tour duration is approximate and it includes an equipment orientation and training. CLOSED-TOE ATHLETIC SHOES ARE REQUIRED.


2.5 Hours

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