Book a Segway Tour with Your Groupon Voucher 

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The Groupon Deal has Expired. 

Expired Groupon vouchers have a $19 purchase value. This will be applied toward the regular price of any Segway tour (example: $40 tour - $19 = $21 balance due on ticket). The fare balance to be paid at the time of the reservation being confirmed. 

To make a reservation with your unused expired Groupon, please fill out and submit the RESERVATION FORM. Reservation requests are first come, first served. Expired vouchers have a $19 purchase value.

ALL SEGWAY TOURS ARE AT SCHEDULED TIMES. Please view our tour calendar before submitting a date request. Tours are year round. We have several different Segway tours, from 1-2 hours. Please view descriptions of them here.  

Groupon vouchers cannot be processed through our online Zerve ticketing service. You need to fill out the online form, below. But please use the online tour calendar to view the schedule for all tours. 

Groupon voucher

Example of Groupon Voucher. Each voucher has a unique barcode number.

Tour Reservation Form

  1. Your tour date request is NOT confirmed until you receive an email reply from us. 
  2. All Segway tours depart from our shop in City Market at 321 S. Blount Street, downtown Raleigh. 
  3. Please fill out just one form if several people are in your party. 
  4. Do not put credit card information on this form. 
  5. Incomplete forms will NOT be processed. Please view the voucher example (above).

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